Flaxi Lavender Heat Bags

Flaxi Lavender Heat Bag is a natural  complimentary pain reducing aid for treating pain associated with soreness after exercise, muscle knots, period pain, lower back pain, restless leg syndrome, stiffness from postural stress, rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Filled with flax seed, organic lavender and essential oil.

Flaxi Hot/Cold Headache Compress

Flaxi Hot or Cold Headache Compress provides threefold relief by utilising hot or cold temperature, gently applying pressure through the weight of the flaxseed filling and by inhaling the natural pain-reducing aromatherapeutic oil blend.

Flaxi Weighted Eye Pillows

Flaxi Weighted Eye Pillow calms the mind, emotion and energy by providing gentle acupressure to the eye muscles while inhaling the tranquil aromatherapeutic oil blend. It can be used hot, cold or at room temperature.

Flaxi Flu Bags

Flaxi Flu Bag your natural go-to remedy to alleviate flu and cold symptoms. Filled with flaxseed and a strong blend of essential oils which aid in

relieving nasal congestion, cough, headache, sore throat , fatigue, body aches and fever. It can be used hot or at room temperature.

Flaxi Bag Refresher Mists

Over time the therapeutic fragrance of your Flaxi Bag will diminish. Use Flaxi Refresher Mists to refresh the natural fragrance of your Flaxi Bag.