About us

After having sold my successful apparel design and manufacturing business of 17 years, I planned to leisurely sit on my porch overlooking the Magaliesberg until the end of days. This however did not last long. After only a couple of months the desire to create something useful, pretty, aromatic, natural and healthy started to take shape. Many months of research and reading followed. Much knowledge of natural pain-relieving products, medicinal herbs, temperature therapy, essential oil and aromatherapy was gained. One year later, our flagship product, Flaxi Heat Bags, was born. Since the successful introduction of the Flaxi Heat Bag, we have now introduced more natural pain-relieving aids, and continue our research in bringing to market more Flaxi natural products. 

Our Flaxi team is small. Our ambition to create and produce exceptional quality products brings us all together. Our days range from planning production, designing fabrics, cutting hundreds of meters of fabric, hand mixing our printing inks, hand printing our fabric, sewing the products, blending essential oils, filling and packing Flaxi products. Quality and precision are not negotiable. We absolutely love what we do.

We are humbled by the warm welcome our Flaxi products receive and are thrilled with the arrival of every order from health shops, spa's, gift shops, baby shops, even food shops, and more. We look forward to our journey ahead.