Flaxi bag

Natural Hot/Cold Therapy

Your natural aid in easing aches, pains, headaches, stress, baby colic, bumps, bruises and fevers.

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How can I benefit from using a Flaxi Bag?

  • Heat decreases transmission of pain signals to the brain and helps to increase blood flow to the painful area. In turn it aids in alleviating pain from menstrual cramps, muscle knots, fibromyalgia, soreness after exercise, rheumatic diseases, tension headaches and lower back pain.
  • Cold slows blood flow, decreases inflammation and slows nerve conduction, all of which help to reduce sinus headaches, arthritis, pulled muscles, fever, sunburn, and reduce swelling.
  • Essential Oil Therapy is complimentary to the use of a natural hot/cold compress. By way of inhalation the medicinal properties of essential oils creates an immediate healing interaction in the brain and control center of the body.

What is inside a Flaxi Bag?

Our products are 100% natural. Flaxi Bags contain food grade brown flax seed, high quality organic lavender and/or essential oils. Flaxi Bags are made with 100% cotton fabric.